KJ Thomas - Take The Detour Listen

The debut album from KJ Thomas, recorded by Stephen K. Donnelly at Tenvolt in Ottawa, Canada. All songs written by KJ Thomas ©2017 SOCAN, arranged and produced by Thomas and Donnelly.



KJ Thomas - vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar
Stephen K. Donnelly - acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass
Anastasios Basiliadis - drums
Jamie Guitar - upright bass
Craig Taillefer - backing vocals
Jamie Oliver - duet vocals
Stuart Rutherford - dobro
Gary Schertzer - harmonica
Adam Underwood - banjo
David Dunn - cello Nicholas
Dyson - trumpet
Elizabeth Foster - fiddle
Justin Theoret - banjo
John Cormier - acoustic guitar on Six Foot Rope
Ryan Barwin - pedal steel


Check out the entire album below, and you can purchase it from Bandcamp right there as well using the "buy" link! (Please contact us or come out to a show to buy a physical CD!)

Krystal Jyl and the Jacks - Self-titled Listen


Recorded concurrently with the KJ Thomas album, all songs written by Stephen K. Donnelly ©2017 SOCAN/ASCAP. Recorded by Donnelly at Tenvolt, Ottawa Canada.


Krystal Jyl Thomas - vocals

Stephen K. Donnelly - guitar, backing vox, percussion, pedal steel, harmonica

Rob Lethbridge - upright bass

Andrew Clapson - drums

With guests: Nicholas Dyson - trumpet, horn arrangements; Gabriel Paul - tenor saxophone; Nicholas Adema - trombone; Zachary Sedlar - baritone saxophone. Big Train (John Cormier: guitar; Gary Schertzer: harmonica) on Ain’t No Blues. John Cormier: guitar on Red’s Got The Blues. Zeek Gross - saxophone on Polka Dot Galoshes.


Listen to the whole album below, and you can buy it right there too! Please see us at a show to purchase a physical copy.

Tenvolt for the Holidays Listen

Recorded in 2018 at Tenvolt Audio, this album compiles a variety of wintery and holiday songs from Ottawa artists. Tulips and Devilships contributed their tune "Crash Boom Bang", and KJ also sang on two other tunes written by Steve Donnelly: Christmas Time Is Coming and Green Christmas. Listen or buy here: